Types Of The Best Legitimate Mail Order Brides

Most of us want to get married, have kids, and become happy. We all love to have someone precious beside us so that we feel loved, valued, and cared for. Which is why we seek a significant other. Not every person chooses to get married officially, but most want to have a long-term partner for romantic relationships.

If you are one of those people who are ready to settle down and create a family but you can’t find a partner, you may use mail order bride services. A mail order bride service is a website where men meet women from different countries. These women are looking forward to starting dating seriously men from abroad. It’s a win-win situation for those singles who want to date foreigners and wish to get married or start serious romantic relationships.

Some people believe the ‘mail-order’ part has something to do with “buy a bride” or “buy a wife” requests, but you should be aware by now that it’s not the case. In this article, you can find out who is a mail-order bride, in which countries you may find mail ordered wives, and what are the services that are called ‘mail-order websites’. 

Best Countries To Find Legit Foreign Wife

What Is A Mail Order Brides Site?

A mail-order bride network is a dating website where people find long-term partners. These sites are just like other dating platforms but oriented at matching men and women who want to be happy together and get married. 

A typical successful mail-order platform has nothing to do with prostitution or sex trafficking. Mail-order industry is simply oriented at allowing people to get married even if they live in different countries, and thousands of miles are between them. So, are mail order brides still a thing? Yes, and a very successful one. 

More people begin seeking love online since it’s extremely convenient. We all have our jobs, and some are even studying, but we also want to be loved. It’s a bit difficult to combine work and trying to find love using traditional ways – going out on dates. It’s especially difficult when you don’t have enough acquaintances and can’t find a wife with the help of friends. 

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Which is why paid or even free mail order brides platforms are so extremely helpful, useful, and convenient to use. All a single man has to do is to create an account. It’s easy, especially considering that many websites offer to sign up with the help of social networks. 

The mail order networks are successful and popular among users who want to meet love online. Today, singles manage to meet loved ones even when they play multiplayer online games! Naturally, mail order bride networks are a lot more successful and efficient.

Are Mail Order Spouse Sites Legitimate?

Yes, good-quality mail order women networks are legal and even certified. To find the best website to use, you may read different review websites with lists of great-quality mail-order wife sites. These websites are certified and have positive reviews and comments from users.

A traditionally useful and quality website has the following characteristics:

  • It’s licensed – check the information about the website near the HTTPS link by clicking on the info button.
  • The connection to the Internet is safe – it has HTTPS protocol. Meaning your payments and personal data are safe.
  • The website has mostly positive reviews. Note, many great sites have negative reviews, just like all products and services in the world.
  • Active users.
  • It’s overall safe.
  • Has a convenient search system and precise matchmaking.
  • It’s affordable. 

These are the characteristics of a quality wife finder where you will be lucky to meet gorgeous foreign women for marriage. 

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How Much Is A Mail Order Bride?

Many people ask a question – are mail order brides illegal? The answer is – mail-order spouses’ websites are 100% legal. These websites have the certificates to perform as dating websites. These mail order brides websites are overall simple dating sites. A typical mail-order bride site has a mail order bride catalog – a standard catalog of profiles on any dating platform.

Another distinctive feature of real mail order brides platforms is the intention. Platforms of such kind are always targeted at singles looking forward to meeting their second half. So, women and men interested in getting married or starting serious romantic relationships greatly benefit from such platforms. They are great at finding an internet bride if you are ready to settle down.

By using filters of the search function, male users may “order a woman” or “order a wife”, so to speak, just like beautiful ladies seeking spouses. These awesome legit mail order brides are pretty convenient to use because of the search function – users use it just like online web stores to filter the characteristics. That’s why many people keep referring to mail-order platforms as sites where people buy things – because of the search function. 

How Successful Are Mail Order Marriages?

You won’t be surprised to hear that a typical marriage broker (mail order bride network) is pretty successful. Just think about it, millions of people are still using these sites and spend money – of course, they are successful, people get what they want.

Moreover, today people prefer using dating apps since they are extremely convenient and helpful. You get to stick to your routine without having to go out on failed dates. Finding an overseas wife might take a while, but it’s worth spending your time on dating sites. Plus, you still can try to meet a local wife if you are into locals too. 

Considering the recent events with COVID-19, online mail order services have become even more popular. Currently, online dating services offer the only safe way to meet love and become happy. So yes, these mail order networks are becoming even more successful as more members start using these amazing networks. 

How Much Is A Mail Order Bride

Best Countries To Find Legit Foreign Wife

First things first, there is no such thing as “countries where you can buy a bride”, there are countries where you meet a bride. It’s no news that many men and women prefer foreigners as their spouses. And they have a perfect opportunity to get acquainted with amazing foreigners who want to get married. How? By using mail order brides websites!

The only thing to figure out is what country to choose foreign brides from. And here is where this article helps, check out the best countries to find a bride. And remember, the cost of a mail order bride refers only to the cost of using a mail order bride website. The mentioned below countries are currently extremely popular among men who want to meet brides. These countries have traditional family values. You may easily find an extremely beautiful and loyal future wife. 

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Eastern European Countries

When considering Eastern Europe as a place to seek brides, such options as Ukrainian or Russian mail order brides come to most men’s minds. And they are right, Ukrainians and Russians are perfect wives and love kids. They are ready to meet foreign spouses and even to move into a foreign country in case they are getting married. Here are a few countries you may choose in Eastern Europe. 


Gorgeous Ukrainian beauties are one of the best foreign women to marry. Ukrainians are very traditional and believe in family values. A typical beautiful woman in Ukraine dreams of getting married to a man she loves. It’s a common thing in Ukraine to get married while still studying in the University – so at around 20-25 years old. 

When girls in Ukraine are growing up, they grow up with the thought of meeting the love of their life, getting married, and having kids. Ukraine is a pretty conventional country where men and women are family-oriented. People in Ukraine love kids, and ladies are extremely attractive, so it’s a great idea to marry a beautiful foreign bride from Ukraine. 


Just like Ukrainian beautiful ladies, Russian brides are also extremely attractive and are perfect marriage material. Overall, Slavic countries like Ukraine, Russia, or Belarus are family-oriented and have traditional values. Career and education are extremely important – everyone wants to be successful and wealthy, but family is always the priority.

Russian brides are attractive and sexy, love their families, and want to have kids after getting married. Russian brides are perfect wives when a man wants to create a traditional family with kids. Usually, Russian ladies want to maintain their careers, but it’s not as important for them as taking care of the household and family. Russian brides know how to make a man happy and satisfied. Online, men may meet younger or older Russian women looking for husbands. 

Asian Countries

Men are interested in Asian mail order bride platforms since Asia is known as a continent with people who believe in traditional family values. Take a look at any Asian country, and people are interested in getting married. 

Asia is multi-cultured since it is the biggest continent on Earth. But most countries have traditional family values and prioritize family above everything else. Meaning, you may choose a wife from Asian brides, especially if you are attracted to special exotic Asian beauty.


Chinese women are typically delicate, petite, of short or average height, exotically beautiful, and family-oriented. Gorgeous and charming Chinese wives love children and prefer taking care of their husbands. Chinese beauties are intelligent and wise and are perfect hearth keepers. Moreover, these beauties are willing to get married to foreigners.

Thanks to globalization, we may chat with each other online and meet in real life. Most people today are extremely curious about Asian culture, and China is one of the countries to look forward to. Chinese ladies are perfect wives, and they love children, are typically loyal, and extremely intelligent and kind. 


Japanese beauties attract the attention of foreign men for at least half a century now. Japan has an amazing culture and interesting history, and it is certainly known as a place of gorgeous women. Japanese ladies are beautiful, charming, charismatic, and family-oriented. They are perfect wives, and even Japanese men know and appreciate this fact. Japanese beauties love kids and know secret ways of satisfying their husbands. 


Thai beauties are exotically attractive and keep foreign men interested in them. Just take a look at a picture of any Thai lay, and you will learn why. Thai wives are extremely feminine, charming, and radiate beauty. To find a bride from Thailand, you just need an account on a great quality mail-order platform. Thai beauties are extremely loyal and interested in marrying foreign guys. 

The Philippines

Pinoy ladies are absolutely gorgeous and attractive. They bear the famous exotic Asian beauty, but with an extra, only prevalent for Filipinas charm. The Philippines might be the best country for mail order brides since women here are extremely beautiful and loyal. Filipinas tend to get married earlier and dedicate their time to families. Gorgeous Filipin brides know how to make men happy, and they love kids. Filipina brides are perfect when it comes to traditional marriage. 


If you are into foreign women seeking American men, you might want to meet Vietnamese charismatic ladies. Vietnamese women have extremely interesting personalities and are very attractive. Even though Vietnam is an Asian country with typical traditional Asian values, gorgeous Vietnamese women have some spice in their personalities. Vietnamese ladies are extremely attractive and petite but sexy and hot. It might be the best country to find a wife. 

Latin Countries

If you want to meet women with a temper, who is passionate and extremely sexy, then your to-go continent is South America. If you use the best foreign bride sites, you may find amazing wives from Latin America and become extremely happy and loved. 


Have you seen Gisele Bündchen, Adriana Lima or Alessandra Ambrosio? Absolutely gorgeous, attractive, and overall stunning, ladies! And they are from Brazil! Everyone knows – Brazilian women are extremely sexy and attractive. They have smoking-hot bodies, especially in the booty area. These ladies are beautiful and family-oriented.

If you ever wanted to get married to a sexy and loyal mail order girlfriend, then Brazil might be the country of your choice. Women from many countries are extremely beautiful and are known for certain specialties, but Brazilians are just as hot as their climate. And most importantly, they are loyal and family-oriented. 


As you may be aware, Colombian mail order brides are gorgeous and extremely attractive. Just take a look at Shakira, and you will be able to picture a Colombian wife in your mind. Colombia, as most of the mentioned countries in this article, is family-oriented. Colombians believe in family values and claim that you can turn only to your family in times of need.

Colombian ladies are extremely attractive, loyal, love kids, and are looking forward to getting married to foreign men. Colombian brides prefer getting a family and having kids rather than working on a career. If you are interested in a traditional marriage where you will be the leader of the family, Colombian beauties fit perfectly. Marriage in Colombia is a serious step, and newlyweds are loyal to each other. 

Canadian Brides

If you live in the US, why not take a look at the neighboring country? It’s an easy and interesting decision if you want to try dating a foreign girlfriend. If you haven’t had much luck in dating local women, you may turn your sights to amazingly charming Canadian ladies.

Canadians are overall amazing. They are polite, kind and value the personality of the person over anything else. Charismatic Canadian brides are perfect spouses, especially if you are seeking a ride-or-die type of partner. These women support you in every situation while being kind, and working hard on their careers, and taking care of families. Choosing online brides on Canadian mail-order bride sites is quite a great idea. 

Legit Mail Order Brides

The Best Mail Order Brides Sites

It’s pretty easy to find gorgeous and extremely attractive women who want to marry American men, thanks to websites with international brides. Mail-order services are popular and have high success rates. Moreover, it’s also easy to find good-quality platforms thanks to reviewing websites. It’s easy to find a wife online, considering how many good-quality sites are out there at our disposal. 


One of the most preferred mail order wife sites in Europe. Badoo is an extremely convenient and popular mail order website, and it is used in Western and Eastern Europe. On Badoo, users meet love from such countries as Sweden, the UK, France, Italy, Ukraine, Russia, etc. It’s in the top-3 most successful European mail order networks. Moreover, the site is extremely affordable and convenient to use. 


As the name hints, the platform offers men to meet gorgeous and beautiful Ukrainian beauties. But it’s not the only thing to expect – on UkraineDate, men also meet ladies from Russia and Belarus. If you are into Slavic beauties and ease of use, then UkraineDate mail order service could be a perfect choice. It’s fairly popular among beautiful Slavic girls and Eastern European brides who want to get married to foreigners. 


If you are into hot Brazilians, Mexicans, Colombians, etc., then LatinFeels is your go-to website. As the name hints, the mail order service helps to find wonderfully beautiful ladies from South America. The mail order bride platform is fairly popular among users from South America, and it’s easy to use it. 

The app has a credit system – members pay to buy credits when they want to chat with someone. LatinFeels mail order bride network has a pretty big and active audience, so it’s fairly easy to meet someone and fall in love. 


Now that you know where to meet European, Eastern European, and South American brides, here comes RomanceTale. The mail order bride website is focused on connecting single men from America with single beautiful ladies from Asian countries. 

RomanceTale mail order bride service is popular in such countries as China, Japan, Thailand, India, Bangladesh, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, etc. On RomanceTale men find the most attractive Asian ladies and fall in love with them. 


Most likely, you don’t even need a description of Match.com – it’s one of the most popular mail order bride types of networks. The Match mail order network is known in many countries, so here men meet Slavic, Asian, American, European, etc., ladies. It is a serious romantic dating website with active users. 

The Match mail order bride network is easily used and has lots of advantages – tons of useful additional features, huge database, safety, etc. If you want to quickly meet a future wife, Match might be a perfect choice.

Updated on May 2021