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Poland is an extremely beautiful European country with unforgettable architectural sites, tasty cuisine, and rich history. Polish brides possess this famous Slavic beauty but they are more like women from the US or Western European countries. They are beautiful, no one argues with that, and they are willing to be successful in life. If you are looking for a Polish bride, then be sure that she will not only be beautiful and attractive, but she will also be a partner for you.

Polish brides are understanding, kind and supportive. They dedicate themselves to their families, but they don’t forget about personal growth. You will never get bored with your Polish bride, she has a great sense of humor and she is intelligent. Those are the reasons why so many foreigners prefer to meet Polish brides and to try their luck in creating families with them.

In this article, you will read about Polish brides, their characteristic features and where you can meet them. We won’t tell you about the places in Poland where women prefer to hang out, instead, we will tell you about such an approach as Polish mail order brides and its benefits.

Polish Dating Culture

It was mentioned above that Polish brides possess famous Slavic beauty. They have light to dark hair (blond, honey-blond, chestnut, brown), slim bodies, their eyes are mostly of light colors. They have pale to tanned skin, oval faces with prominent cheekbones and full lips. Now you know more about their physical appearance although it’s better to see it once, rather than to hear people talk about it. You can use a Polish mail order bride site, complete a signup process and see yourself how beautiful they are.

But beauty is not the only characteristic, let’s see:

  • They are stylish.
  • Value family.
  • Have a great sense of humor.
  • Prefer equality.
  • Success-oriented.
  • Smart and educated.
  • Supportive and friendly.

Unlike representatives of most of the Slavic nations, Polish brides won’t tolerate inequality. If you are planning to create a family where both – a wife and a husband are working and playing the role of breadwinner, then both of you have to be responsible for the household. Some Polish brides might prefer to dedicate themselves only to their families and in this case, they will probably take all the responsibility, but it’s highly unlikely that a Polish woman would completely neglect her career.

Characteristics Of Polish Brides

Polish ladies are used to getting married in their middle or late twenties, or even when they are older. When they decide that they are ready to create a happy family, to have kids, they will be willing to work on their romantic relationship so both in the couple will be happy. They make such a decision not in a rash or simply because they want to have a husband, but because they are ready to take responsibility. 

If you are using matrimonial services to meet a Polish bride, you will notice that most of them are around 25 or older. While communicating with some of them online via a dating site for marriage, you will also notice that they are intelligent and psychologically mature. It’s a great choice to marry a Polish bride since they value family and they are doing their best to preserve it. While dating Polish women is not only fun, you will feel that you are dating someone special, it’s not just a fling.

Beautiful Polish women prefer dating sites for marriage since it’s easier to find a partner that fits their expectations. Due to the statistical data, most Polish brides are using dating sites or apps to find a date. if you are willing to find Polish women for marriage, the best way to meet them is to create an account on one of such sites for marriage. Below you will find a list of such sites that will help you to find a Polish bride.

Polish Mail-Order Brides Websites

If you are ready to create a family, it’s better to search for Polish females who are also ready to get married. You can date pretty Polish girls who you meet during your vacation to Poland, but most likely it won’t lead to marriage. First, you don’t know whether they take you seriously. Second, you don’t know whether you have similar personalities and share common interests – and this is important for a family.

That’s the reason why Polish mail-order brides sites are so popular. Such websites are simple dating platforms only they are used to find potential spouses. There are several advantages to such an approach:

  • You meet Polish brides who match your personality.
  • No waste of time.
  • A great pool of potential Polish brides.
  • Easy and clear-cut design of the sites.
  • It takes less time to meet a date.
  • Marriages are happier.

The last benefit mentioned above had been already proved by the statistics. Those marriages that were arranged because of dating online sites for marriages are more successful and happy than marriages, arranged after traditional dating. It’s a good idea to meet Polish brides on such matrimonial services, you will most likely meet the woman who is your soulmate. Now let’s find out what websites can you use to meet your Polish bride.


If you translate this world from Polish to English, you find out that it means sweetheart, someone who you like, etc. This platform allows you to meet your Polish sweetheart who will eventually become your bride. What is special about this site? The signing up process is easy and won’t take too much time, registration is completely free. The membership is required to use this site, you won’t be able to write to a single member if you are a free user.

This site is not entirely a Polish wife finder, but most members take this site seriously and use it to meet someone for serious relationships. First, this site is paid and brides won’t pay just for fun. Second, as it was mentioned above, Polish brides value family and if they are registered on such websites they are looking for serious relationships.


This site belongs to one of the most trusted media group that holds EliteSingles – one of the most popular dating sites for marriage in the world. This website is legit and it has a good database of users. The site is popular in Europe, and it is popular within Polish brides. The registration process has no differences from other websites for marriage and dating online. But there is one peculiar feature you should be aware of – an extensive questionnaire. 

Don’t get discouraged after you see how many questions you have to answer. All your answers will be carefully analyzed by the system and it will compare your answers with the answers of your potential Polish bride. The good thing about such a quiz is that you will be matched up with a possible Polish bride that fits you. And you can be sure that the number of fake accounts is low due to such a quiz. Such a quiz also means that women take dating seriously.

The system will send you daily matches due to your answers in the questionnaire. But there is one disadvantage – you won’t be able to browse through the profiles in your area since the site is all about making matches. But on the bright side, you don’t have to do anything. This website is great for busy people who want to pay for quality matches.


This platform for dating online and marriages is extremely popular in most parts of Europe. Polish brides also use this website to register and to find a husband. The great thing about this site is that you can see who is near you. For this feature to work, you need to upload their app and to enable geolocation detection. Potential matches have to be registered as well. 

Such a feature grants you a slight chance that you will meet your Polish bride in your country. It’s possible that she is studying in your country, working or on vacation. And your task is not to miss such a great opportunity. All matches are made due to your preferences, that’s why your Polish bride will share your interests, hobbies, and beliefs.

Ukrainian Charm

The name of the site hints that most of the users are ladies from Ukraine, but the platform is also popular within Polish, Russian, and Belarusian women. You have to make sure that you use filters so that the system will show you only the profiles of Polish brides. One of the best things about this platform for finding potential brides is that everyone here is looking forward to falling in love, get married and to have a happy family.

This site offers you to check out the profiles of Polish girls for marriage for free, but you have to register. If you like the profiles, you feel that those biographies fit your preferences, then you can buy credits and contact someone who attracts your attention. Yes, this site does not require a membership, you can buy credits whenever you need to contact a new match. Overall, the website allows you to find Polish wives. 


This app is one of the best if you are looking for a Polish bride. Why is it one of the best? Because you won’t have to swipe endlessly left or right, to search for a match and to fail all the time. This app is designed for people who want to get married. It doesn’t mean that the first match who you see has to become your Polish bride. No, you can start dating online, meet in real life, and if you like each other, you can get married. Or start dating in life, and then you can get married – whatever you will prefer. 

The app stands out since you won’t even be able to browse through the profiles of Polish brides. You will receive only one match each day, and you have only 24 hours to “like”, “dislike”, or to ignore the match. If both potential partners “like” each other, then you can start a chat. Some people would say it’s a disadvantage, but it’s not. When you have only one truly good match each day, you think twice whether to skip or to give it a try

Updated on Feb 2021

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