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While single men in the USA try to find romantic and loving girls, smart guys search for brides in Asia. Asian mail order bride services have become extremely popular over the last decade. There is a category of men who want to date and marry women from Asia. Luckily, Asia is huge and there are a lot of countries to search for brides. India, the Philippines, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Korea, Thailand, China, and Japan are the most popular destinations where men look for single girls to marry.

If you want to know how to find a mail order Asian bride, you will find the answers in this article. We will talk about Asian wives, why they attract Westerners and what the best dating sites are to meet and chat with singles girls from the most popular countries in Asia. This is an ultimate guide to dating women of different upbringing and traditions. Together with our dating experts, we will share tips on successful dating and name the best dating services for you to join.

Dating Asian Singles Online

A lot of single men in America wonder how to get an Asian mail order bride. Thanks to advanced technologies, you can use interracial dating sites that simplify the process of finding women, chatting with them and dating them. The number of mail order brides is huge but you need to be aware of the scam. In this article, we will list the list of 100% safe, affordable and effective dating services that offer profiles of women from Asian countries.

Online dating is convenient and allows men to get acquainted with ladies overseas. Since Asian girls have become popular among Western bachelors, you should use the opportunity too and try web dating. Those dating services hold profiles of mature and young Asian mail order brides who want to get married to American guys and probably move abroad. Famous dating sites make online dating experience easy and positive, they help to find men compatible brides and help them to communicate online.

Why Should You Try Online Asian Dating

You will definitely enjoy searching for hot Asian women. Advanced mail order bride services provide informative profiles of beautiful females with all the necessary information that you need to know. You will also find high-quality photos and videos of single girls which will help you to choose the best bride. Several communication options, a matching algorithm, and an extended search tool will help you meet the most charming girls who match your criteria.

Where to Find Asian Women

Here is the list of most popular brides destinations where single men of America search for future wives:

  • Thailand
  • Philippines
  • Indonesia
  • India
  • South Korea
  • China
  • Japan

Usually, women from these 7 countries search for men abroad, therefore, you can see their profiles of popular mail order bride services.

Traditional Asian Wives for American Bachelors

Why do you think so many American men want to buy Asian bride? It’s because men are sick and tired of independent and feminist women. Western ladies are all about money, career, and rights. Unfortunately, they don’t understand that they turn men off by wanting to be so “I can do everything myself”.

Asian Women Are Perfect Wives

Thai and Filipino girls are the most popular among Western men. The highest percentage of Westerners who got married to women from Asian are actually married to women from Thailand and the Philippines. Ladies from these two countries seem to make perfect wives for American bachelors. They look stunning and they have a lot of positive qualities that attract men.

Family Is Sacred for Asian People

You must know that Asians are some of the most traditional people on the planet. They respect the culture and traditions of their ancestors. Asians are the most family-oriented people on the planet. They value tight bonds and tend to create big families. By marrying a woman from one of the Asian countries, you can be sure that your wife will stay devoted to you and support you throughout your marriage. Thai and Filipino women especially make great wives. They are loyal, caring and protective of their families.

Asians Are Highly Educated

You will unlikely meet a woman who smokes, swears and wears provocative clothes. Wherever you go to Asia, you will meet polite, friendly and intelligent women. Even though a lot of people think that there is no good education system in Asia, local people are very smart and clever. Asian ladies are well-educated and hard-working. They manage to be good housewives, mothers, and professionals at the same time. They are ambitious and they like to reach professional goals. You will never be bored with your Asian wife. There are a lot of topics that you can discuss with Asian women, just don’t forget to respect them even if you disagree on some matters.

Asian Are Submissive

Finally, Westerners fall in love with Asian women because they allow men to be the head of a family. Asians have soft characters. They are taught to respect men and follow them. They search for generous, reliable and honest men to create a family with. Asian women trust their husbands and allow them to make important decisions. You are going to be happy in a relationship with a woman from Asian because she will not argue with you, she will never raise her voice and she will never try to prove that she is right and you are wrong.

Asians are the perfect match for American men who want to feel strong and receive love. Lately, a big number of Americans immigrated to Asian countries and built relationships with local brides. If all of the above-mentioned descriptions of Asian brides tick your boxes, you should definitely meet these women. They will easily charm you with their stunning appearance but you have to treat them nicely to build a romantic relationship.

Why Do Asians Look for Foreign Husbands?

You may wonder why Asian brides look for men abroad. Just like you want to marry a woman who will become a good wife, Asian ladies search for men who can become reliable husbands. Men dominate in Asian countries and even though times have changed, Asian women still don’t get much respect. They are suppressed but what is really sad is that Asian men don’t want to get married. For example, Japanese, Chinese and Korean men are not looking for serious relationships, they are not interested in getting married and creating families.

Local Men Don’t Treat Them Right

Such a situation leaves local girls searching for men abroad. While Japanese, Chinese and Korean men don’t want to get married, men in India, Sri Lanka, the Philippines, and Indonesia make servants of their wives. They want their wives to spend time at home, clean, cook and look after kids. It’s no wonder why women from these countries are not fond of getting married to local men.

Asian Women Want to Be Respected

They want to be treated like women who like romantic dates and presents. Routine and household tasks make them upset. They dream of meeting handsome, intelligent, smart and romantic men who they would feel comfortable with. Asian women want to go on romantic dates, receive presents, and get compliments. Unfortunately, by being married to local men, they become housewives who have to clean, wash, cook, look after kids and take care of their and their husbands’ parents.

Mail Order Asian Brides Like American Culture

A lot of Westerners come to Thailand, Indonesia, and the Philippines every year. The purpose of their visit is not only to visit these lovely countries but get acquainted with cute local girls. They know that Asians love Westerners, so it works out perfect for both. Local girls speak good English, they have good manners and they are very friendly. They enjoy meeting and chatting with Western guys, they show them around and teach some of the local traditions.

It’s really difficult to not fall in love with a woman from Asia. Local girls are pretty, hot, seductive, friendly, chatty, flirty and soft. Men say that it’s a pleasure to be around Asian women. They are caring, loving and warm. They don’t like drama unlike women in the West. Asian ladies are sensitive and romantic. They don’t take things for granted and it’s really easy to impress them. They are not interested in materialistic things. Simple things like a dinner out or a bunch of flowers make them happy.

Top Asian Dating Sites


The mission of all dating services is to help singles to meet their perfect partners, however, not all sites are legit and cheap. If you want to meet real Asian ladies online and be able to chat at affordable rates, here is the list of the best Asian dating sites with free registration:

Search for beautiful Asian girlfriends by the country, city, and age. Browse through profiles of the hottest girls of Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines, India, China, and Japan. The website holds the biggest number of female profiles with personal information, photos, and videos. Luckily, Romance Tale allows men to register for free, so you can test the site and its features. Voice and video chat are among effective communication tools. Here you can order flowers and other nice gifts to show your interest and admiration.

Create a free account at Asian Feels and search for your perfect Asian wife. View profiles of single young girls and mature women who are divorced. features easy navigation, video chat, text and voice messages exchange, gifts delivery and matching algorithm that helps to find women by similar interests. Use basic search tools to find girls by country and age or use the extended search tool to find ladies by marital status, children, religion, level of education, occupation and habits.

Find your Asian mail order wife through Asian Melodies dating site. Get acquainted with attractive girls from Thailand, Philippines, China, Japan, and other countries. There is a big number of female profiles with real photos and private videos that you can view after purchasing credits. Asian Melodies dating services helps to connect Western bachelors and Asian girls from halfway across the world. Register for free, fill in your profile, add your photos and meet charming ladies for serious relationship and marriage.

Now you know how to find an Asian woman to marry on the Internet. These are the best dating services that will surprise you with a huge number of profiles, convenient communication tools, and reasonable membership prices. Use your desktop or mobile device to search for hot and sexy Asian babes, view their photos and send messages to those who you like the most.


Signup at one of the dating sites and see how easy dating online can be. Asian mail order bride prices at these three services are much lower than at other dating sites. These are safe and effective dating platforms that have already connected thousands of singles living in different parts of the world. Meeting a woman from Asia will change your life in a better way. You will discover what true love is and will be treated with a lot of respect. Your traditional Asian wife will be happy to follow you, serve you and support you regardless of the circumstances. Find an Asian girl without leaving your home and develop a long-lasting relationship online. Modern dating sites help to arrange dates in real life for singles, so you can entrust dating professionals to guide you and help you meet your charming Asian girlfriends in real life very soon.

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Updated on Feb 2021