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To make it easier for a potential groom from another country to find the future Indonesian mail order bride, there are dating sites where you can start chatting with your favorite Indonesian girl. And yet, why are men from more developed and successful countries so drawn to Indonesia? Perhaps the answer lies in several reasons:

Indonesian Mail Order Brides

Career Comes First

The mentality of Western brides is very different from the worldview of Indonesian mail-order brides. They do not seek to create a family, to have children – at least until the age of 30-35. There is nothing wrong with the desire to earn money, but in Europe, you can successfully combine work and family – especially since the father often takes parental leave. But most of the professional girls in those countries are not happy with this prospect. Beautiful Indonesian women, on the contrary, are ready to devote all their free time to family and children. For these brides, the husband is the head of the family, he is always in the first place.

A Kind Of Look

For a long time in Western countries, artificial lips, eyebrows, breasts, and other organs, enlarged medically, are in the order of things. Even though such “feats” are often performed precisely for the sake of men, they are more satisfied with the prospect of being next to a simple but well-groomed Indonesian bride.


It is no secret that the presence of an Indonesian wife or bride significantly increases the status of a man in the eyes of colleagues, friends, relatives, and acquaintances. For this reason, so many men want to be near Indonesian women for marriage. And many Indonesian singles, the prospect of meeting foreigners is also very attractive.


The modern matrimonial service for marriage does not limit a single couple in their desire to communicate online or see each other in person. Fortunately, modern technologies allow this – if only 50 years ago we had to communicate only through long mail correspondence, today flying to another country or calling your brides via Skype is not a problem at all.

Indonesian Mail Order Bride

Why Indonesian Mail Order Brides So Attract Single Foreign Men

It is not only about a well-groomed appearance, but also about internal brides` beauty, which is very important for building harmonious family relationships. It is for this purpose that dating sites and matrimonial services work, thanks to which thousands of men and brides have found their pair. What is so attractive about beautiful Indonesian women that men are ready to overcome various difficulties and vast distances to be near them?

The Beauty

Indonesian women for marriage are by nature truly beautiful, and their beauty is supported by careful care. At the same time, they rarely use artificial botoxes and other achievements of modern fashion – proper self-care allows them to maintain a fresh young look and appearance during a long period. On dating sites you have the opportunity to see photos of potential Indonesian brides, so you can see for yourself: age is not an indicator of beauty. Moreover, most pretty Indonesian girls often go on holiday abroad, so they have the opportunity to compare them with women of other nationalities. Believe us, the differences for the better are noticeable!

Family Comfort And Warmth

A much more important factor than external attractiveness is a responsible attitude to the family. From time immemorial it has become so customary that the Indonesian bride is very kind to children and becomes a wonderful wife and mother. Even if the wealth of the family is modest, Indonesian wives online are not afraid to give birth to children and raise them worthy in the future. At the same time, foreign women often do not risk giving birth before 30-40 years old, fearing for their financial well-being, and some simply do not consider the prospect of becoming a mother, dreaming of living for their pleasure without children. 95% of men who visit a dating site want to become husbands and fathers, and not just temporarily be present in a woman’s life.


Many men who have already found their women for marriage note that they are not like women in their homeland. Indonesian girls for marriage are more friendly, smiling, open to communication and ready to help in difficult situations. These brides will not leave their loved ones in case of problems with work or health, support friends and create an atmosphere of happiness and kindness in the family.

Indonesian Ladies

Many foreigners turn to a marriage agency or a dating site to find a worthy couple – and find it. Some men noted that their friends brought a wife from Indonesia, and their happy family life inspired them to seek their happiness. If you are an Indonesian wife finder, you should take the unique opportunity to find the Indonesian bride for sale.

Why Indonesian Brides Become Indonesian Mail Order Brides

The reasons why meeting a foreigner today is important for marriage and why these brides are becoming Indonesian mail order brides, there are many. First, we can name the following:

The disappointment in the husbands of their native country because of their decaying moral character.
The desire to move to another country with more responsible representatives of the stronger sex.
The search of a more economically stable country where a strong family can be built.
In this situation, the question arises of what nationality men are best suited for the Indonesian bride. We offer acquaintances with Americans for marriage for a reason, because they are close in spirit and culture to Indonesian girls for marriage. With close acquaintance, one can notice the kinship of mentalities, a certain spiritual affinity of Indonesian bride. Perhaps because of this, lonely Indonesian brides are ready to build love with men from the United States. But this does not mean that you have no chance to meet an Indonesian bride if you have a different nationality.

Why Do Foreigners Choose Pretty Indonesian Girls?

Today, many foreign men want to build their families with pretty Indonesian girls. There are many reasons for this, some of which are listed below:

The demographic situation in Europe and the USA is rather deplorable. This is due to the reluctance of women not only to give birth to children but also to get married early. In this regard, many men who do not want to have a fleeting relationship are looking for alternatives. Modern dating sites, such as Latinfeel, Matchtruly have many profiles of lonely pretty Indonesian brides looking for their second half. While Western women are building a career and not thinking about marriage, Indonesian brides build a strong family and then begin to realize themselves, because in Western countries there are all conditions for this, and children will not become an obstacle. Of particular note is the paternal care of Western men; they are trying in every way to help wives, including in raising children.

Men, regardless of age, social status and nationality, love beauty. But what is unacceptable for Indonesian brides is completely normal for Western women. For example, she may not clean herself up for several days, refuse cosmetics or go to the store in her pajamas. Not every man can put up with this.

If 20 years ago, dating with Indonesian single girls was something special, then in the era of the Internet, the scope is moving apart. You can write a message in a few minutes, and it will be delivered immediately to your bride. This allows you not to push yourself into the framework of friendship in a particular region. You can chat with Indonesian brides at any time of the day.

The beauty of Indonesian bride is a recognized fact. But, according to the recognition of the foreigners themselves, Indonesian brides have a special cordiality and warmth, they strive to create a special atmosphere in the house, to create a strong family that will exist for many years.

That is why dating sites with Indonesian girls for marriage and simple communication are popular not only among girls but also among foreigners themselves. They are interested in meeting Indonesian women.

Indonesian Lady

How To Start Communication With The Indonesian Bride?

Having visited even the best dating site, many simply do not know where to start a conversation with the Indonesian bride. In this case, you can give some useful tips:

For any person, education is a matter of pride. Therefore, it is worthwhile to show your well-readiness, knowledge in various fields of science, and to support the conversation in every way with your brides.

But no less educated, Indonesian brides love modesty, and this is perhaps even more important than knowledge. Indonesian brides do not know how to be a gray mouse, but the limits of decency are quite conservative, it is necessary to observe. For them, elegance and a sense of taste are very important.


Probably, there is no Indonesian woman who does not like coziness, comfort, and gatherings with the whole family. Especially after reaching adulthood. Ask her about the traditions of the people, family, or about something related to Indonesia. She will immediately turn into an interesting storyteller, who will tell everything to the smallest detail.

Indeed, Indonesia loves its culture, history, and traditions. Here you can meet people in national costumes on the streets, various festivals and lush holidays are constantly held in various regions of the country. And this applies both to villages and huge cities. Don`t waste your time and find your true Indonesian love right now! Be a happy man with an Indonesian girlfriend!

Updated on Feb 2021

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