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When we hear someone speaking of Japanese culture, we imagine kimono, manga, and different festivals. We think of age-old traditions and inimitable culture. But there is something more than just customs and history. Men will agree: the most valuable treasure is Japanese women. They have something shiny inside their hearts that can illuminate the whole planet. Their almond-shaped eyes are little oceans full of wisdom and calmness. These women win all the battles because there is nothing that сan beats their waywardness. No wonder there are thousands of men who dream of meeting a Japanese woman and start dating.

Dating Japanese women brings into a single man’s life more comfort and support. They have unconditional love inside and want to share the best they have with you. It reminds a romantic comedy, but it is what people need in life. And what should a single gentleman do to find a Japanese lady?

Features of Japanese Ladies You Should Know

While trying to date Asian women online, you should be careful and level-headed. There is no need to tear along and waste your time getting acquainted with all the Japanese girls you met. You should concentrate on your wishes and understand how important is your desire of finding Japanese girlfriends. If you have chosen to achieve your goal, you should take steps to fulfill it. Let’s starts with some typical traits of Japanese girls.

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Dating a Japanese girlfriend leaves positive impressions and feelings inside. How can you explain it? The reason is the openness of women. They know how to keep the conversation alive and make it cozy. Asian women are great friends because they listen and show interest in what you try to describe. They are brief in expressing their emotions, and you won’t feel annoyed hanging around with them.


Men were kings earlier. They showed how brilliant and wise they are. Now, however, we enjoy the fantastic masterpieces Asian women compose. Now they have the right to say what they feel inside. They are free in what they plan to do in the future. Japanese girls learn how to speak and write. They do it at school or at home with their parents. And when they grow up, the bundle of knowledge is impressive.


If you are the type of man who prefers hot words of love and big promises, it won’t be easy in relationships with Japanese beauties. They are open-minded and honest about feelings and emotions. You should be sure if she says she loves you, she tells the truth. Relationships with Japanese ladies offer stability and balance. They can control their emotions, calm down, and discuss any issue in a relaxed atmosphere. No need to worry if something goes wrong in a relationship. Sooner or later, you will solve any misunderstandings between you two.


Mutuality is what you can expect when you are dating a Japanese girl. Are you romantic, caring, and loving? You get your attention in return. Be ready to celebrate your achievements together. Your relationships with Asian women will base on mutual respect and understanding. Without it, there couldn’t be any healthy dating. One thing is exact: when you treat your lady like a queen, she makes you feel like a king.


Caring is on full display as Japanese ladies look after their skin, figure, hair. They keep fit and control their nutrition. Is it a sign they are also caring in family life? Yes, indeed! These women are brilliant mothers who can help children whenever they need it. If you marry a Japanese beauty, you get more than a supportive wife. She is a hot lover, friend, interlocutor, business partner, and advisor.

Do Japanese Women Like American Men?

Visit Japan, and you will understand why there are so many Japan women who want to meet a loving foreign man. Role allocation in Asian society hasn’t changed so much for the last decades. The husband is a breadwinner who controls the financial situation and the total environment at home. The woman enjoys being a housewife and does household chores. She creates a comfortable atmosphere at home and waits until her husband gets back home. No wonder Japan is a country of great traditions. Some women who want to end up with some of them and try to live a new life move abroad.

Japanese singles are smart and thought-out. They always have a plan. It was their choice to start emigration and search for a foreign husband. Asian women appreciate how American men perceive life. They prefer diversity in life and enjoy moving forward. American men are strong, powerful to lead a full life. But without the desired woman, it wouldn’t be so sunny and colorful.

Where To Find Japan Girl Dating Online?

No doubt, everyone has strange situations in life when you think you have fallen in love with a person you see for the first time. You are shy enough to take control of the situation and start a conversation. Thanks to the Internet, you can find an effective solution. Japanese dating sites, social networks, blogs are forums offer singles the needed space to communicate and get to know each other.

If you want to find Japanese girlfriends, opt for online dating sites. There are general services with an international audience and tailored ones with Japanese singles only. The choice of a platform depends on your wishes and desire. When you sign up on a legit dating site, the chances to meet an interlocutor are high. The primary advice to remember is that you should know what type of relationships you seek: marriage, a one-night stand, or romantic relationships. Choose the age range of a partner you would prefer. Among the platforms you can try are:

  • Zoosk
  • AsianBeautyOnline
  • AsiaMe

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How Can Japanese Dating Sites Help?

How to date a Japanese girl online? Are there any benefits and advantages of using dating services? The question you want to answer is about the efficiency of online services. Your result depends on your attitude to dating and the motivation to meet a Japanese woman. If you are ready to spend time and money on chatting, you have more possibilities to date soon. Asian women also try to upload photos and create detailed profiles on the legit services they use to date. With the search tool available on most services, you can narrow down the result depending on the criteria you’ve chosen.

Can you choose according to your preferences in life? No, and it is the considerable benefit of online sites. Apart from search, you write women, show your attention with gifts, send kisses and flowers. You are welcome to do all operations by using the same platform. It saves you time.

How To Date a Japanese Woman?

Wearing a suit and a smile doesn’t make you the center of the universe. To impress a Japanese woman, you should follow some rules.

Be Honest

Dating a Japanese lady is about honesty and loyalty. A man is never afraid to express his opinion even though it may seem uncomfortable. The important thing is to always do it with courtesy, without appearing offensive. Being someone’s boyfriend is about telling what and how you feel. You experience joy, happiness, and you share it to make your woman smiling. Japanese girls are happy to date men who are brave enough to show deep feelings to people he trusts.

Show Self-Control

Whatever the situation, a man never loses control. He can make his Japanese bride proud of him in cases when he shows incredible calmness and reasonableness.

Be Caring

If you make simple gestures like holding her hand when you cross the street, walk her home, she will invite you next time. Tell her how beautiful and stunning she is. A woman appreciates when she gets compliments. It makes her feel confident and happier. It would be best if you describe your feelings without stress and fear. Your interlocutor will understand what you are telling him.

Demonstrate Your Love

Whether your Japanese girlfriend is in a jumpsuit or wrapped in a sexy dress, have your eyes on her. Be attentive to every nuance, but above all, perceive embarrassments and discomfort. If your woman doesn’t feel well or doesn’t not like the company she is in, have no doubts: take care of making her feel at ease. Telling her how much you’ve missed her seems as simple as texting her. If you are too busy to talk or spend time together, let her know.

Tips For Tuning Yourself To Dating Japanese Girls

To make the most of your relationships or to chat, get acquainted with a Japanese dating culture. Read some articles on the topic and make sure you understand what you should do in the relationships with Asian ladies. Below we present some facts about dating women in Japan.

  • Men should confess to date, Japanese women. It’s a bit old-fashioned but has a unique charm.
  • When women go out with men, they split the bill in most cases. It makes two partners equal.
  • They prefer not to show their emotions in public. It’s not normal to see two people kissing on the street.
  • Many couples move in together before marriage. They try to live together and sharing household duties.
  • There are two options to spend weekends in Japan when you are dating. The first one is going out and spend all day somewhere, not ah home. Another option is sitting at home, playing games, watching films, and eating.

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Final Thoughts

Men seek something exotic. They love extraordinary people, and dating an Asian girl is a dream. If you are dating a Japanese girlfriend, you should know some features they have. Read some information about her culture and traditions. Say how much you appreciate your origin and never offend her relatives. If you behave like a gentleman, show your love and affection, your relationships with an Asian woman can change your life for the better. If the question “where to find Japanese women looking for American men” remains without answer, look at Asian dating sites. They offer much more space for communication and getting acquainted with the desired women.

Updated on Feb 2021

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