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At this stage of life, international matrimonial agencies and dating sites are becoming very popular. These services were created for single people who want to have a relationship and create a strong family. Most modern men dream of Lithuanian women. But what if dating sites give you a girl who will soon become a Lithuanian mail order bride for you?

Lithuanian Girls for Marriage

Each Lithuanian wife finder has repeatedly planned and thought about how to build a relationship with this beautiful lady. In turn, brides from Lithuania crave attention, care and affection. Thus, if pretty Lithuanian girls are ready to enter into a marriage, they will undoubtedly try to fulfill their plan. Undoubtedly, the matrimonial services have already taken care of each client. There are well-advanced dating sites that helped many singles to find a soul mate.

The unity of strong love, sexual desire and long-term affection in a romantic relationship may seem an illusion, but it is not unusual and unattainable in marriage for brides from Lithuania. In a long-term relationship between a foreigner and a Lithuanian woman, it often works out well as the partnership turns into a relationship and it no longer seems to be friendship, but true love.

Marital Relationship

Relations with brides from Lithuania are equally good for marriage. Lithuanian wife online is quite romantic. They are free from obsession and passion in the first stages of falling in love. Such qualities can exist in long-term unions, and this correlates with satisfaction with the relationship in marriage and individual well-being.

Wedding Customs

Today, many brides from Lithuania follow old wedding traditions. On the eve of the wedding, brides from Lithuania gather for a bachelorette party. At the party, girls weave wreaths of flowers symbolizing youth and virginity. They sing songs, remembering their youth and childhood.

On the wedding day, a Lithuanian bride dressed in a light wedding dress, and a girl’s wedding wreath is placed on her head. In different regions of Lithuania, wedding dresses have different colors. On the wedding day, a Lithuanian bride for sale says goodbye to her parents. This rite is performed in a dramatic manner with sad music and farewell songs. Then the bride is taken out of the parental home and transferred to the groom.

Wedding Ceremony

The wedding ceremony begins with the blessing of the Lithuanian bride. A girl’s wreath is removed from the bride’s head and a handkerchief is put on, symbolizing the transition from a girl to a married woman. Wedding prayers are very simple, requiring the couple to love each other until death divides them. At the end of the ceremony, the Lithuanian bride and groom put on wedding rings to each other and fix the marriage with a kiss.

At the final stage of the wedding, the groom brings a Lithuanian bride to the parental home as a guest and not as a family member. After a week the groom returns the bride to her parents. After several days, the groom finally takes the Lithuanian bride to his house as a full member of the family. 

Average Age of Marriage

In Lithuania, there is a noticeably faster increase in the age of marriages. The average age of men who marry is 27 years. The age of women getting married increased from 25 to 27 years. The legit age of marriage is 18 years old.

Lithuanian girls

Dating Lithuanian Women

A Lithuanian woman will give you only unforgettable impressions. She is in no hurry to marry, but if it succeeds it will be for a long time. Lithuanian are free women, but they are quite compliant. At first glance, it may seem to you that all Lithuanians are similar to each other, however, getting to know brides from Lithuania closer, you can understand that the differences are significant. The most beautiful girls you can meet on the dating site or through a marriage agency are residents of Lithuania.

Lithuanian Girls Characteristics

The cold restrained aristocratic beauty of brides from Lithuania has always kindled a hot bonfire in their hearts. Their sunny calm Baltic beauty does not always meet accepted standards. But the strong character, good look and sophistication, combined with poise, attract men and often cause envy among women.

Lithuanian girls are attracted by their blush and blue eyes. Their faces resemble Argentina with their cosmic beauty. In Lithuanians, the hairs differ in length. They reach the hips, or even lower. You can play with their light curls, and some pretty Lithuanians even agree to this!  

Lithuanian ladies are very confident in conversation. They are too cautious, and it takes time to know people well. Lithuanians are either “bombs” or sheer disappointment, but in general, they are very shy and modest. In bed scenes, Lithuanians are always inferior to men. It is easier to approach the Lithuanians, and their requests are not particularly high.

Before meeting a Lithuanian girl on a dating site, you should know that the fair sex is stylish and tasteful. Women from Lithuania are confident, spectacular, educated, interesting in communication, but they can always scare men. There is a beacon of attractiveness in others, seemingly plain-looking. Men flock to them like bees to honey!


If you are a visual man, “love with your eyes” and prefer to see an attractive, feminine lady nearby so get acquainted through a marriage agency and a dating site! A Lithuanian woman, regardless of age, social status and wallet thickness, always looks good. You will not be ashamed to appear in society and at home, it will be nice to talk to her. Brides from Lithuania do not pursue world standards because they know how to be themselves.


The temperament of a Lithuanian mail order brides is very bright. This is a woman who is capable of crazy things in bed and often boasts of it. By the way, among the Lithuanian singles, there are also “calm” ladies who can become exemplary wives.


A brilliant mind is one of the attractive qualities that is characteristic of brides from Lithuania. To conquer a man is much easier than for other women. Any single man can build a harmonious family with her. Beautiful Lithuanian women for marriage know how to keep their husbands in ‘good shape’. Lithuanians use cunning tricks and ingenuity.


Men prefer independent women and assume that she herself is able to stand firmly on her feet. A strong, independent woman, one that you want to take care of is the perfect Lithuanian wife.


This means that the Lithuanian bride allows her future spouse to be a man! She knows how to listen and reckon with his opinion, she never humiliates him, even if he is younger and has a lower rank. A Lithuanian wife will not make a scene in front of friends and family.


Lithuanian ladies are usually slightly wary of unfamiliar people. But when they know the person well, they open before someone completely. They like to have long conversations. This is a great option for men who dream of a charming Lithuanian woman! You can find your soulmate on one of the international dating sites.


Lithuanians have a sense of duty. For this reason, they are always mutually related to their partners. If a beloved loves her dearly and respects her opinion, then a Lithuanian bride will become for him an ideal lover and a good wife. Everyone wants warmth and love. True love is always mutual. brides from Lithuania do not accept one-sided love. It is anything, but not love true love.

Lithuanian ladies

Lithuanian Mail-Order Brides

It is not so easy to find a person who will truly love you. It is even more difficult to love someone and accept all the imperfections. In our difficult life when there is no time for reflection, dating sites and matrimonial services. It became easier to choose a partner who will correspond to wealth and lifestyle. Everything starts with simple communication via the Internet. Soon your girlfriend will become your Lithuanian mail-order bride.

Lithuanian Brides Dating Sites

Marriage agencies and dating sites provide unlimited opportunities to meet a Lithuanian woman. They opened the door to the world of dating for those people who are not lucky to meet in real life. They also help those people who are busy, live in small cities, or simply do not know how to get to know each other in real life. After all, you will not meet a worthy woman on the street. You will not even meet her at work because it is quite possible she has a personal life.

This is a free international dating site that is designed for single hearts. The site provides all the facilities for normal communication. Since today, you have the opportunity to go through a quick registration and make acquaintances with a beautiful Lithuanian lady. Filter candidates by interests and other categories. Dating on will be safe for you. Each user passes data verification.

This is a dating site that has not lost its popularity for more than a year. Here is a game of simple desires and dreams of man. The site is intended for seekers of love adventures and those who want to have a serious relationship. The site Pazintys.draugas. lt has convenient functionality that will make your communication more accessible. You will see many interesting profiles. A Lithuanian bride is waiting for you on!

Registration on the site is absolutely free. Members with simple memberships can create a profile, upload photos, search for compatible members, perform a compatibility test, see who viewed their profiles, write messages to premium members. Sometimes you just want to find out if a long-term relationship with a person is possible at all. Using the compatibility test, you can calculate the likelihood of a long-term relationship between two people.

This portal is intended for long-term relationships. Our members want to find serious partners. Strong relationships are the ultimate goal of this site. will help our members find sincere, open, loving partners and stable relationships.


To conclude, women from Lithuania are excellent in everything: from appearance to the character. They are open and charming beauties with excellent taste and interesting manners. You can find a Lithuanian bride only through a matrimonial service and dating sites.

Updated on Feb 2021

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