Romanian Brides

What is the first thought that occurs in your mind when you are thinking about Romania? Probably, you are thinking about Vlad Dracula. If you already know something about Romania, it’s already great. But you have to learn more, especially if you are looking for a Romanian bride. 

Romanian brides got used to the fact that foreign men are asking them about Dracula. But you have a chance to stand out and to show your knowledge of her country. That way you will impress her and show that you have serious intentions. Moreover, your potential Romanian bride will be simply happy that you know something about her culture and traditions.

Romanian Dating Culture

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It doesn’t matter whether you are planning on dating Romanian women online, or you want to travel to this incredible country to meet your soulmate. You have to understand that cultural differences play a very important role. In fact, if you won’t change your approach and use your common tricks, your strategy will grant you only negative results. When starting a  romantic relationship with a woman from another country, it’s important to take into consideration your differences.

Whether you are dating online while using matrimonial services, or you are currently living in Romania and planning to find a date, you still have to find out more about Romanian brides, their peculiarities and dating culture in Romania. 

In this guide, you will find out more about the Romanian dating cultures, brides in Romania and where to meet them. We won’t advise you to visit the country (although you should, it’s beautiful). But we will tell you about effective Romanian mail order brides websites.

Tips On How To Date Romanian Ladies

You have to understand that those tips that you will find below are only general pieces of advice. Each woman is unique and you have to find your own approach. The best way is to be yourself and to charm your potential Romanian bride with your honesty. And below you will find some useful tips. They will surely aid you on your way to meeting your true love. 

Mentioned below tips will help you in different situations, even if you are dating your potential Romanian bride via a Romanian mail-order brides website. It’s easier to start dating your potential Romanian bride online, but you still have to consider your cultural differences even while using marriage agencies or mail-order bride websites.

Learn Romanian

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You don’t have to master it, just learn some basic words and phrases that will impress your potential Romanian bride. If you are using a dating site for marriage to meet your significant other, then you can ask her to teach you several phrases. Just try not to ask too much or she will think that you are looking for a teacher. But if you use this situation to your advantage, you will feel a special bond between both of you pretty soon. And such bonds usually lead to something romantic and serious.


Don’t fall for stereotypes, usually, the truth is completely different. The most useful advice while dating a potential Romanian bride (even online, via a dating site for marriage) is to find out more about the person first, and only then to ask about some delicate topics that might be a bit stereotypical. never make decisions on the basis of something you have heard or read about, but don’t have proof. Find out more about your Romanian bride, she will appreciate that you avoid questions that she might not like.


If you are using a Romanian mail order bride website, you will find out from your Romanian girlfriend that she values family. Even if she loves her career, she is working hard to be successful, Romanian brides consider family and family ties to be of extreme importance. It doesn’t mean that she will neglect her career, just know that she probably wants kids and a happy family with a husband who loves and respects her. It’s great since while dating online, you can be sure that both of you are looking in the same direction.

Don’t Say “No” To Food

While communicating via one of those marriage services, you won’t have an opportunity to say “no” to food, but you are planning to meet each other. If you, like a true gentleman, are planning to visit your lady in Romania, remember one simple rule – if she invites you to her home, always say yes to food. If you are not hungry, just taste some of the meals and it will be OK. But saying “no” to food will disappoint her. Most likely, she was preparing some meals for you, she took the time, it took effort and it will be very impolite to say “no”.

Romanian Online Dating

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Now you know a bit more about what to expect from dating beautiful Romanian women. So now you should find out where to meet your potential bride. The best way to quickly meet a bride who fits your personality is to use a dating website with Romanian women for marriage. Such sites offer you a plethora of potential candidates who match your personality, who can attract you not just as good-looking Romanian women, but as personalities as well.

Dating online on websites for marriage is not just fun, but it’s also easier. As it was mentioned above, Romanian brides consider a date to be a special occasion. You would have to figure out what outfit to wear, to spend some time and effort to look good, etc. But if you are dating via one of those matrimonial services, you have a chance to find out more about the preferences of your potential Romanian bride. Such knowledge will help you to impress her during your first encounter.

Let’s see what other advantages of using matrimonial services:

  • Meet can meet your match.
  • It takes less time to find a potential bride.
  • It’s not a waste of time.
  • You can use the platform anytime you want.
  • Easier to start a conversation.
  • You don’t have to leave your comfort zone.
  • You have a better opportunity to make the first impression.

Romanian Mail-Order Brides Websites

Sometimes when you meet a beautiful lady, you might fail to make the best first impression. But when you are using matrimonial services, such a situation is nearly impossible. You can be sitting in a comfortable chair while using the app or website for marriages, that way you will figure out the best way to impress your potential Romanian bride. 

But the best thing about such dating sites for marriage and serious relationships is that these apps have specific systems that are recommending you the best candidates registered on the website. You will meet possible Romanian wives, who have similar or the same interests as you do, who share your ideas and beliefs, etc. It’s easier to start a relationship with one of such potential Romanian brides, and if you start, it’s easy to maintain it since you have common interests.

Now let’s figure out what dating websites should you use to find your Romanian bride and to succeed on your adventure to find true love and arrange a happy marriage.


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It’s clear from the name of the dating website that it focuses who are looking for love in Romania. If you want to meet a Romanian bride, you have to be clear about your intentions and to indicate in the profile that you are looking for a bride. It’s important since this site is also used by females from Romania that are not considering marriage due to the fact that they are not ready yet. If you indicate that you are interested in marriage, the matchmaking system will recommend you only profiles of pretty Romanian girls for marriage.

This site has a nice design, it’s easy to use all the features. When you meet a Romanian woman who you feel might become your future bride, you can use different icebreakers, for instance, winks, that help you to start a conversation. Overall, the website is dedicated to people who want to start a serious romantic relationship. If you are looking for a Romanian bride, the site will work like a Romanian wife finder for you. 


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This website is not dedicated only to Romanian women who want to meet their future husbands, mostly Ukrainian females use it. But surprisingly, the site is very popular amongst Romanian brides. It’s a matrimonial service and it helps brides to meet their potential soulmates. It’s not a regular dating app like Tinder. It is dedicated to men and women who are ready to get married. It works like a marriage agency, you insert your preferences and the system matches you with a suitable Romanian bride.

This dating site for marriages is not free to use, but you can complete a simple signup process and it will allow you to check out the profiles of potential Romanian brides. The site is used by people from all corners of the world to create families. It is one of the most effective sites for arranging marriages. Especially if your potential bride is living in the Eastern or central part of Europe.


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A Romanian mail-order brides site that is popular amongst Romanian brides and has an English version – this is all about CharmDate. If you want to start looking for your Romanian bride, register an account and create a nice profile. Romanian girls love this website since it allows them to meet their future husbands and to get married. If you see a profile of a Romanian bride, you can be sure that she is interested in marriage. This website is mostly used by singles who want to settle down.

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Sentimente is one of those platforms for marriage that is legit and popular amongst Romanian brides. You can use filters while seeking your possible Romanian bride. For example, filter by age, occupation, place of birth, interests, physical appearance, etc. The matchmaking system will offer potential brides for you to choose. You won’t even have to look for a potential match – the system will do the job for you.

Updated on Feb 2021

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